Purpose of the Department

The Department of Recreation Management offers students who aim to pursue a career in the tourism and recreation sectors the opportunity to understand the requirements of these dynamic industries, perfect their business skills and develop their leadership capacities. Beyond providing students with a solid academic foundation, our aim is to offer an education based on the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, supported by practical experiences. Another aim of the department is; To provide various opportunities for students to develop the business, communication and leadership skills they need to be successful in the business world. Internships, project-based learning and in-industry experiences help our students combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. At the same time, as the Recreation Management Department, another aim of the department is to emphasize environmental responsibility and sustainability principles. As the Department of Recreation Management, our aim is to prepare our students for job opportunities in the sector and to train them as recreation leaders of the future.

Goals of the Department

In line with the objectives of the Recreation Management department, the objectives of the department are;

Providing High Standard Education: As the Department of Recreation Management, our main goal is to provide students with a high-quality education and turn them into leaders of the tourism and recreation industry.

Career Opportunities

Students who successfully graduate from the Recreation Management program have opportunities to work in mid- to senior-level management positions in a wide range of businesses, including theme parks, fitness clubs and other recreation businesses. At the same time, they can be employed as managers in the tourism sector such as hotels, travel agencies and congress-fair organizations. Additionally, when they get sufficient scores from public sector exams such as KPSS, they may have the opportunity to work in public institutions. Students who are successful and meet the necessary conditions can also pursue a career as academic staff in relevant programs of universities. As the demand for recreational activities in their spare time increases by individuals who want to avoid the stresses of urbanization and business life, the need for qualified personnel in this field also increases. Graduates of the Recreation Management program can meet this demand and direct recreation activities that include entertainment, hobbies, artistic, social, cultural, scientific, sportive and natural activities.


The Recreation Management department continues its education activities with a quota of 30 students in the 2023-2024 academic year.


Department of Recreation Management, education period is 4 years. Preparatory Program is not mandatory. However, an optional one-year Preparatory Program is offered for students who request it. This program provides the opportunity to move to the first year for students who successfully complete the proficiency exam in the relevant language. Preparatory Class is not included in the general education period (4 years). The aim of the preparatory class is to teach the relevant language at a basic level, improve oral and written communication skills, enrich vocabulary, increase reading-comprehension ability and provide language skills for academic and social life.


Admission and registration to the faculty are regulated within the framework of the Higher Education Law and its rules. Students are accepted to the faculty according to the results of the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) and International Student Admission Examination (YÖS) conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). The registration of candidates who have received sufficient scores from YKS and YÖS for admission to the faculty is made at the University Rectorate on the dates determined by the Council of Higher Education. Documents required for registration; 1-High school or equivalent school diploma, 2-Placement result document issued by ÖSYM.